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EaterWire: Front Room Action, Level Three Details, More!

NOB HILL—We've already mused on the possibility of a comeback at 1550 California, and now there are more rumblings at the shuttered Front Room: "Walked by this afternoon and saw workers inside, and an AT&T service guy hanging around as well. Maybe he was fixing the phones?" You'll recall that when the Front Room stopped paying rent, the phones were disconnected not long thereafter. See, all the pieces matter. [EaterWire]

NAPA—Before Napa was Napa, there was Mustards Grill, and Cindy Pawlycn is celebrating Year 25 accordingly: "Throughout June, Mustards celebrates its 25th anniversary by bringing back a menu of greatest hits, as well as wine selections from its early years. Look for grilled sweetbreads with lemon, parsley, and caper brown butter (1986); tea-smoked Peking duck with 100-almond-onion sauce (1992); and lemon-lime tart with 'ridiculously tall brown sugar meringue' (1998)." [FoodGal]

UNION SQUARE—It opened officially last Friday, but now the Level Three website is live and updated (and the Music Off button is in the upper left corner; you're welcome). Menus are up, and they are cutesy, dividing the courses into Levels I, II, III and The Sweet Level. Notice what they did there? [EaterWire, previously]

FOOD TV—A local food stylist is getting some Food Network airtime in a food stylist special: "Katie Christ, will be featured on Food Network's hit series, Food Network Challenge, on Sunday, June 15th at 8pm ET/PT ... They'll make ice cream that doesn't melt, make a mystery recipe look absolutely appetizing and even build an entire wedding spread from scratch. Each plate has to photograph perfectly in a competition where it's really all about eating with your eyes." [EaterWire]

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