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Breaking: Manrique, Condy In at Urban Tavern; Scala Out

UNION SQUARE—Turns out that those rumors earlier in the week were pretty close to the real deal regarding recent developments at Urban Tavern. Hot off the BizTimes:

Laurent Manrique and Chris Condy of Aqua and Cafe de la Presse fame have signed a lease to take over the restaurant, which is under construction. The restaurant was conceived of and designed by Donna Scala, the Napa restaurateur, who no longer has any involvement with the project.

While a chef has been hired, he has not yet given notice to his current employer, so Michael Dunne, general manager of the Hilton, declined to name the chef and would only say he is currently at a San Francisco restaurant.

Alrighty then, so let the rumormongering commence: who's our new, unnamed chef?
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