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Plywood Report: Booth, Grub, Alimento, Much MORE!

Let's kick off this Friday the 13th with another edition of the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the city's next generation of bars and restaurants. Spot something new in your neighborhood? Do let us know. Bonus points for photos.

1) Polk Gulch: On the corner of Polk and Pine, we've been keeping an eye on Booth, and after a few false starts, it looks like work is finally underway at the old Polk Street Station. The entire place is freshly-plywooded (no more flimsy paper coverings), and word on the street is that late summer is the new aim. Can we start a petition to keep the old signage though? [PLYWOOD]

2) The Castro: Mystery plywood! And prime real estate at that, on the northwest nook of Dolores Park! Inquiring minds want to know what's going on at the corner of 18th and Church? [PLYWOOD]

3) The Mission: A few weeks back, Lady Hopstress brought news of Grub, the new project at 758 Valencia from the same owners as the aforementioned Booth. Now, new signage and renderings are up, leading a Missionite to wonder, "[Grub] promises healthy breakfast and lunch – Will Boogaloo's vice like grip on the neighborhood breakfast street be challenged?" [PLYWOOD]

4) Bonus Mission: Getting close to opening is plywood vet Zaytoon, and a stealth look over the paper even reveals two shawarma grills ready to start the slicing. [PLYWOOD]

5) Even More Mission: Also from the inbox: "The old Saigon Saigon space [1132 Valencia Street] continues its tortuous renovations. I have no idea what is going in there, but as they have been at it for over 2 years (with much more still to be done), it must be more expensive than anticipated." [PLYWOOD]

6) North Beach: Finally, a sneak peek inside Alimento, the gourmet grocery/deli going into 507 Columbus. After seeing the rustic dark red interior pant a few weeks back, we're surprised to see the modern design elements. Dare we say it bears a striking resemblance to an office space? [PLYWOOD]