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Eater Field Trip: Murray Circle at Cavallo Point

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Sausalito: Because for a new restaurant boasting a chef with a pair of Michelin stars in his pocket, there has been precious little written about Murray Circle, Team Eater recently took a mini excursion across the bridge to check out the state of affairs at Fort Baker. As you can tell, even though there are nice vistas to be had, you're not exactly working with a waterfront view by any means, especially once in the dining room. Inside, the restaurant occupies one side of the building, with the classical Farley Bar on the other. Though the crowd and general vibe might remind you you're in a resort (for better and worse), Joseph Humphrey is doing magic in the kitchen, especially if the first round of reports are to be believed. Plus, it's physically closer than you may think. As always, reports are encouraged.
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