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HorrorShow Epilogue: PJ's Closure Now Goes Permanent

The Sunset: Given the extreme grossness that followed the shuttering of PJ's Oysterbed, it might be easy to forget that the closure was originally supposed to be temporary. In fact, when we first broke the story, PJ's offered a bit of classic restaurant fluff, insisting that the closure was prompted by planned renovations and they'd be back before long. Of course, this "hiatus" was called into extreme doubt by rumors regarding personal issues and lease woes on Irving—not to mention the ensuing shitshow. Alas, the answering machine has been updated, saying that PJ's regrets to inform you that they are permanently closed and would like to thank everyone for 30 years of patronage. Whether the shutter was permanent to begin with, or was a result of the critter circus that followed, we might never know. Sweets to the sweet; farewell, PJ's.
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