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EaterWire Midday Edition: Myth-Quince Agreement Signed

JACKSON SQUARE— It looks like the long Myth saga might finally be coming to a head (or at least a significant crossroads), as the Tusks—a.k.a. Quince—have finally revealed that they've signed an agreement to take the space, confirming just about everything we already knew three weeks ago:

[Lindsay] Tusk says she has 30 days "to kick the tires, so to speak" (we've heard that one before) and investigate the restaurant's financial viability before it's a fait accompli. She says the likelihood is that they would move Quince to the Myth site and possibly open a more casual component of Quince in the cafe space
As far as the old Quince, Tusk says they're playing around with the idea of opening a new restaurant there, or possibly even selling it. At this point, she says, nothing is definite.
Though there's a certain school of thought that wonders why they would mess with such a good thing on Octavia, we've heard rumblings that it is too small to make the kind of returns they want, which would make the bigger, more high-profile Myth space an obvious choice. We're curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Hate it? Love it? Discuss.
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