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Dispatch From the Ferry Building: Boccalone Arrives

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Ferry Building: Earlier today, Boccalone opened its doors to salumi aficionados everywhere, and the Incanto spinoff already looks and feels right at home in its 300 square-foot stall in so many ways. Along with upwards of a dozen staff members, Chris Cosentino — whose faux-hawk is long gone, we're sad to report — was running around behind the counter, while Mark Pastore presided over the register. As far as food options go, there are hot and cold panini options, along with the straight-up Boccalone sliced salumi; Eater Operatives opted for the lonza-mint-peach concoction. Other sights and sounds include a fancy vintage red slicer, free meat samples, prepackaged products (similar to Cowgirl's setup), and one massive meat locker.

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