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Eater Inside: Level Three

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Now occupying the entire third floor of the overhauled Union Square JW Marriot is Level Three. As is the case with most hotel restaurants/bars, it's open for all three meals and takes a turn towards the cocktail bar/lounge as the evening hours progress. Mirroring its identity, the space is a bit of a sprawling, schizophrenic one. Hopping out of the glass elevator, alongside marble columns, you are greeted by the room's centerpiece, a sizable bronze sculpture of joyous dancers. The rest of Level Three meanders across the floor as a collection of nooks and crannies: there's a semi-isolated dining room, a bar, a communal table alongside the sculpture, a flat-screen television area, and even a fireplace. Given the advertising angles, we're guessing the main draw for non-hotel guests is hoped to be the bar scene, headed by Elixir mixologist H. Ehrmann. Further reading here and here.