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Ghirardelli Rising: VIP Takeover, Marche Update, Danko!

Last night, a private unveiling of the new Fairmont condos shut down most of Ghirardelli Square so VIPs and other fancy schmancies could take a gander at the premises without those pesky tourists. As usual, Gary Danko stole the show; passed caviar and oysters will do that. However, he stayed in the kitchen most of the night, meaning we couldn't get any name possibilities for the Danko Deuce out of him (you know where to find us, Gary). As for his space itself, it remains very raw, with hopeful estimates having it opening at the end of the year. Meanwhile, Marché on the Square is just about ready to debut, possibly as soon as next week if the red tape is sorted. And FYI: the upstairs brasserie at Marché is now an upstairs bistro. There's room for only one brasserie in this here square.
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