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The Curious Case of Jai Yun's Extended Vacation

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Financial District: So, Jai Yun remains closed, as it has for a few weeks now. Last week, spurred by some stressed-out emails, it came out that one of the best Chinese restaurants in town was "on vacation" and would return this Monday. Well, as you can see above, it remains shuttered, and an inquiry is met with the same "on vacation, back next week maybe" line. Normally, this might raise an eyebrow or two, but given Jai Yun's, well, eclectic nature (it's pretty much Chef Nei' Chia Ji's one-man show), a subpar Bauer update, only 10 Yelp reviews in its new not-so-great location (read: lack of buzz?), and the fact that the restaurant has been answering its phone during this hiatus, it becomes downright curious. Where is Chef Nei'?
· HiatusWire [~ESF~]

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