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EaterWire: Ike's Place Plans Second Location, DAT Begins, Koo Going on Hiatus, More!

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THE CASTRO—Perennial favorite sandwich shop Ike's Place will ride the popularity wave and open a second location, hopefully by the end of summer. Possible locations are currently being considered, in a variety of neighborhoods. Who should be the lucky nabe? Cast your vote; maybe they'll take heed. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO—The summer version of Dine About Town is officially underway, and will last until June 15. By now, you know the deal: three-course lunch for $21.95 or dinner for $31.95 at any of the participating restaurants. Since the majority of DAT menus are snoozers (chicken or fish?), we'll do our best to sniff out the winners and losers of the restaurant bunch over the next two weeks, so if you had a particularly good or bad DAT experience, do let us know. [EaterWire]

THE SUNSET—From a tipster comes notice that Irving Street sushi joint Koo will be going on hiatus from June 9 to June 17. Dinner service will resume on Wednesday the 18th. Please be advised, Sunseteers. [EaterWire]

NORTH BEACH—It's a little difficult to see institutions like Fior D'Italia just go ahead and outright offer free food, but that's exactly what's happening: "... bring [dad] to Fior D'Italia and the restaurant will treat him to a free 3-course meal. After all, nothing says 'I love you, dad' more than a big bowl of spaghetti and spicy meatballs." Fingers crossed that the move is out of festivity and generosity, not desperation. And in an entertaining footnote disclaimer, all fathers must be accompanied by their sons. [SF City Dish]

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