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Adventures in Marketing: Pier 39's Hard Rock Cafe Unveils Bluetooth Marketing Network

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Even though some people "claim" they have benefits, we're of the firm mindset that there are few fads/fashion statements more ridiculous than the Bluetooth. We're also of the firm mindset that there are few places in San Francisco more ridiculous than Pier 39. So naturally, in a move that will do absolutely nothing to change the pier's rep amongst locals, Hard Rock Cafe has teamed up with Bluetooth to launch a new marketing campaign that sends coupons to all Bluetooths (Blueteeth?) in a range of 200 feet:

Intera and Hard Rock Cafe think the idea is great, since transferring data via Bluetooth is completely free and is not limited by the wireless carrier. The advertisement will pop up as a notification on any mobile handset with Bluetooth turned on and in 'discoverable' mode, asking if the consumer if he or she wants the coupon. The obvious downside to this, however, is that the coupon comes unsolicited to every handset within range, which will likely cause it to be considered as spam by most consumers.
Of course, the upside is that Bluetooth douchebags users can now unite over a Joe Perry Quesadilla in a safe place, together.
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