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The Shutter: Mercury Appetizer Bar Finally Folds

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Your regular dosage of restaurant and bar closings around town arrives via The Shutter. Notice a place that has recently closed its doors? Do share your sightings.

The Marina: It should come as no surprise that this weekend was the finale for Mercury Appetizer Bar, the ill-fated small plates concept stuck in the No Man's Land of Lombard and Van Ness. The owners are hoping to relocate to a bigger space, but even though the location was a bad one, it's safe to say that San Francisco didn't exactly embrace the poorly-executed, appetizer-only concept as a whole. It didn't get a Chron review, Meredith Brody called her experience "gruesome", and a space that small shouldn't have trouble filling seats. Fortunately, while we await its bigger incarnation, Mercury has left behind quite the teary goodbye letter on its website. Cue "Bittersweet Symphony" and start the montage:

From Mercury Appetizer Bar:

Since the Fall of 2006, Mercury Appetizer Bar has been providing its patrons with a destination for tantalizing food, unique cocktail creations, romantic, yet urban ambiance, and dedicated staff..

Dominic Ainza, the Executive Chef, has devoted his life and poured his heart into each mouth watering recipe on the menu. It has been his lifelong passion to provide the most tantalizing dishes to his patrons in an atmosphere geared towards originality and comfort. With every visit, you'll leave knowing that you NEVER tasted the same thing twice and rest assured each departure will have you begging for more.

Since the begining, former General Manager, Brandon Clements has made it his very first priority to bring smiles to each and every patron by providing the utmost quality care and attention – no one is ever left unattended or neglected. Our current General Manager Lawrence Lee, continued that and he also lives by the philosophy that good company and great food are the key elements to happiness. All those who meet him know this upon the first conversation.

In the past year, we, here at Mercury, have met so many wonderful people, have developed close friendships, and fostered priceless bonds with our customers. We value all advice and guidance given to us by those who visit which is why we've decided that our current location does not provide sufficient space for all our devoted and loving patrons. We will be moving to a larger setting, but will remain steadfast to our ultimate goal: Providing upscale cuisine in a sophisticated lounge atmosphere and upholding premier service for those who love the San Francisco nightlife.

We are so thankful and forever indebted for all the wonderful support given to us at our Lombard location and look forward to seeing all of you at our new spot this summer as we continue to bring the most innovative dishes and libations in a sophisticated (and larger) atmosphere!