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Good News/Bad News: Joey & Eddie's

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One guess as to which side the new sign falls.

Open now for exactly a month, Joey & Eddie's has definitely been a point of contention among the dining masses. There are those that see the simple, family-style Italian joint as a welcome addition to the static dining 'hood called North Beach. At the same time, some people we've spoken to think that Joseph Manzare has gone off the deep end with the whole East Coast nostalgia theme, and took out an institution in the process. After all, can a population that praises the Delfinas and A16s of the city really be expected to embrace meatballs and fried calamari in the same way? In any event, with mainstream reviews en route over the next few months, here's the buzz from the first 31 days:

Solidly Mediocre News: "Did this meal satisfy my husband’s longing for that East Coast Italian of his childhood? Not really. But we concluded that “you can’t go home again” and he has vowed to stop trying. Joey & Eddie’s is a welcome addition. Given the local, safe menu, and well prepared food, it will do well with tourists. It also fills a void for locals looking for family style standard Italian and a good full bar in North Beach. We would go back with a large group, but won’t rush." [Chowhound]

Good News: "the clams at j&e's are good. get a double order. very worthwhile. also worth sampling is the spaghetti (from a box) and house-made meatballs. portions are large so you must share. a glass each of prosecco (drusian) to start and a podere loss-leader red (bottle) contributed to a solid meal that topped the scales at $100 before tax and tip. all-in all, a satisfying meal. at the end of the day, you have to ask if san franciscans care for east coast, red sauce italian cooking." [Chowhound]

Bad News: "Somebody needs to just say it: that menu is boring. s'ghetti and meatballs? Chicken parm? What is this? 1950?" [Eater Comments]

Weird Atmosphere News: "No self-respecting New York family style italian place would have modern jazz and ambient house music playing over the P.A. system. Makes no sense. And the live jazz combo started too early in the evening, yielding the bizarre atmosphere of live jazz and several tables with toddlers. Wait until the mommies and daddies go home, start the band at 9p if you must have it at all. And turn off the P.A. music. If your restaurant does well, ambient dining sounds are the right soundtrack. The decor is too Z Galerie, with circus overtones in the loudly striped textiles that, again, diverge from what could be a good east coast style italian ambience." [Yelp]

Bright Signage News: "That sign belongs somewhere in the suburbs on a sports bar somewhere, not on the cusps of Washington Square Park next to the City's most iconic church in the city's most iconic neighborhood. Moose's sign got by on merit, but this is awful. I can't go in." [Eater Inbox]

Ominous News: "I enjoyed it but I have to say that the place was pretty empty. I don't think they'll keep the restaurant open just for me." [Chowhound]

...And Your Classic Yelp News: "Sad, really sad. Bad drinks, and really tall bartender gal,, SHUT UP !!!!!" [Yelp]
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