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Banned on Chowhound: Gay Restaurants

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Welcome back to Banned on Chowhound, in which we right the wrongs suffered by you at the hand of those eraser-happy Chowhound moderators. Wrote a post only to have it banned? We can most certainly help.

2007_10_bannedchnd.jpgWithout a doubt, the story of the week for local media has been the gay marriage frenzy, but a reader brings word that there's at least one media outlet that is not getting involved. You guessed it: the following innocuous post was banned on Chowhound:

In honor of Pride, I was thinking of going to some excellent places that have owners or e. chefs or just leadership from the queer community. I thought it would be a nice way to honor how the Bay Area's food life is enhanced by the contributions of folks in this community. Anyone have suggestions?
Yes, how nefarious; it's a good thing this got deleted, lest someone use Chowhound to (brace) suggest a restaurant, let alone a good one that happens to support the gay community. And just so we're clear here, Chowhound moderators, all those inane threads asking about chef's nationalities, places to commemorate other (more PC) occasions, and Indian people's spice aversions are all relevant? Ok, then.
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