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Dosa Wars: Udupi Palace Rings in Valencia Rivalry

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The Mission: Ladies and gents, the great Valencia Street Indian Dosa Wars of '08 are officially upon us. At long last, Udupi Palace has opened in the old Firecracker space at 1007 Valencia, just a few storefronts across 21st Street from The Mission's undisputed Indian hotspot Dosa. And if there were any misconceptions about Udupi Palace not trying to tap into Dosa's once-cornered market, kindly consider this message from Udupi:

Udupi Palace - serving the Bay area population with its authentic South Indian dishes. We are known for our variety of Dosas and Uthappams. We are popularly known as " a place for Dosa....."
To satisfy our customers with wide choice of Indian Dishes, a Special Lunch Buffet is introduced. The Buffet is filled with fresh fruits, salads, variety chutneys (dipping sauce), wide choice of Indian curries and rice variety, indian bread and indian desserts. A MINI DOSA is also served with the Buffet.

ALL are WELCOME to UDUPI PALACE............a place for Dosas.

Whose cuisine will reign supreme: the incumbent heavyweight or the new challenger ... Dosa or a place for dosas? Kindly commence placing your bets. This could be fun. NB: Udupi Palace's first day was yesterday, and it is closed on Mondays. 1007 Valencia Street, at 21st; (415) 970-8000; website
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