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Post-Plywood Report: Toast Eatery 2.0

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Noe Valley: Compared to other high-profile neighborhoods, new restaurants on 24th Street have been rare in recent months, so we suppose it makes sense that Noe Valley is all abuzz with the first offshoot of the uber-popular Toast Eatery. The former Herb's Fine Food space and plywood vet was finally revealed to passers-by at the end of last week (3991 24th, near Noe), and it's a looker, to be sure. The new design is what one tipster described as "an amazing simulation" of the Church Street location. If all goes to plan, it should be open by week's end, meaning the weekend could very well see a new, non-Savor brunch option in the 'hood. But in the meantime, let's all pour out a little coffee for Herb's and Nepo, yes?

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