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Washbaggery: Action From Within, Eviction This Week?

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North Beach: The saga of the Washington Square Bar & Grill continues, as we've got some action at 1701 Powell: for the first time since it shuttered on New Year's Day, there's movement inside the institution following six and half months of stasis. Inside the Washbag, various aspects of the interior—which, white tablecloths and all, has remained untouched since the last day of service—are being packed up, and a note on the door reveals this Wednesday to be the eviction date. The most likely explanation, as put forth by some commenters, is the landlord retaking control. Meanwhile, the legal drama has scared off PlumpJack a bit and Tiernan's remains the front-runner in the sweepstakes to take over the space. They say they're still working on the deal, but insist they'd want to keep everything the same, so it should be interesting to see what—if anything—gets carted away.
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