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Reminder: Tipping Is Customary

If we could, we'd like to interrupt your regularly-scheduled programming here at Eater SF to express our heartfelt gratitude to all you tipsters and contributors who keep us afloat on a daily basis with all your rumormongering, photos, plywood, opening/closing news and gossip spilling. Reader contributions really are the lifeblood of this site, and well, we simply couldn't do it without you. So thank you to all; we hope you have enjoyed obsessing over the restaurant world as much as we have. And for all you newbies and would-be tipsters, here's a quick primer on how you can get involved in all the fun:

The Tipline: Notice another wine bar moving into your neighborhood? Passed by a restaurant sporting some teary shutter signage? Think a certain struggling, high-profile restaurant is a worthy candidate for the Deathwatch stamp? Perhaps you overheard Pat Kuleto talking about his next restaurant project, or need to vent in the Eater Complaints Dept., or maybe simply spotted a plain awful table. All this and more is very welcome to the tipline; just drop a note to For all you nervous industry folks, all tips are guaranteed anonymous, unless you insist otherwise.

The Eater Flickr Pool: For you digital photographers, all types of restaurant-related snaps—yes, even food porn!—are encouraged to be shared in the Eater SF Flickr Pool. We can't be patrolling the streets for plywood and Salumi-Cycles everywhere at once, so we like to scan the pool to see what we've missed. Once we get enough submissions, we'll even start a weekly round-up of the best submissions. Joining is easy: just create a free Flickr account (or log in if you have one), click on the Eater Flickr Pool along the right-hand side of this very page and select "Join This Pool." Then, you can go wild and assign all relevant restaurant-centric shots to the pool. It's a great time ... and now, back to the show.

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