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Gestalt to Open Zwei Haus, Renew Gentrification Feuds

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The Mission: With the possible exception of the Haight, no other neighborhood embraces the always-entertaining clashes of the gentrification feuds quite like the Mission, so on that note, we bring word of Zwei Haus, a new German restaurant/bar at 2400 Folsom from the folks behind noted 16th Street cyclist dive Gestalt Haus (you know, the place with the bike racks inside the bar). And already, tensions are simmering: "It looks like Gestalt Haus LLC is applying for a liquor license in the building at Folsom and 20th Street [ed note: the old El Farito space]. The place is aptly titled Zwei Haus and sure to bring down all the upstairs neighbors from the absurdly priced condominiums above. Thanks to VC money and being hella $$$$, they will probably have the freshest bikes in tow (from their walk downstairs)." More details, and fun, en route. Stay tuned. [Photo: Yelp/daten s.]

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