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EaterWire: Luna Park Rumors, New Emeril Shows

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THE MISSION—We have yet to receive any type of confirmation, so be sure to file this away firmly in the Unconfirmed Rumormongering category (at least for now), but we're hearing that the owners Luna Park are planning to open a new project in the vacant space directly next door. A spot inspection reveals that there are currently construction permits next door so maybe something is indeed in the works. Stay tuned... [EaterWire]

LAGASSEWIRE—Food Network booted Emeril's signature show, but in a few weeks, new episodes will be back. Not only are Emeril and Martha Stewart business partners, but they will be on Food Network Jr, errrr the Fine Living Network together too: "The network will celebrate the launch beginning July 7 with all new, never-before-seen episodes of Emeril Live! airing from July 7-11 at 7pm ET followed by The Martha Stewart Show at 8pm ET. " Go ahead and mark your calendars. [EaterWire]