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The Dish: Toast, Asuka Ramen, Jasmine Gardens, More!

All openings, big and small, get served up on a regular basis by The Dish. Spot a newcomer in your neighborhood? Send it along, would you?

1) Noe Valley: Opening right on schedule today is the second Noe Valley location of Toast Eatery. We took a long look at the space earlier in the week, so we won't rehash too many details, but know that it's just about an exact replica of the original (look and menu), about 45 seats, is replacing the classic Herb's and is open until 10pm tonight. 3991 24th Street, at Noe; (415) 642-6328; website [EaterWire]

2) The Castro: Will's Vietnamese has completed its change into Jasmine Garden: "...they are trying more upscale as did its' (failed) predecessor Will' was low and there were lit candles at all the tables...but I will give it a try and hope for the best!" 708 14th Street, at Church; (415) 861-2682 [Chowhound]

3) The Sunset: Over on Irving Street, a tipster sends word that King Wonton has opened up in the old market space that was almost another branch of PPQ: "I noticed that King Wonton has been open for a week or two. It looks depressing inside but for some reason it's always packed. Maybe it's the grand opening banner." 1936 Irving Street, between 20th & 21st; (415) 682-9813 [EaterWire]

4) Union Square/Nob Hill: Not only did plywood vet Asuka Ramen debut today on Bush Street, but they were offering 33% off all menu items. Of course, there were only three menu items available (full menu here), but it's the thought that counts, right? 883 Bush Street, near Taylor, (415) 567-3153 [EaterWire]

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