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The Joys of Luisa: Obstacles on California Street, Plus an AwningGate Update!

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It's been far too long since we've checked in with Ms. Luisa Hanson, but don't think for a millisecond that things have been quiet at her various restaurant colonies. With La Vinoteca open on Union Street and the Cafe Maritime takeover still a ways off, the two main fronts of plywood interest have become the Guerrero Street version of La Vinoteca and the 1500/Duffy's (Barleycorn) project on the corner of California and Larkin. Strap in:

1) Up first, a quick update from the upcoming Mission branch of La Vinoteca. You'll recall that the big commotion over yonder involved a controversial—and technically, illegal—awning. It was put up, protested, the city got involved, then it went back up after notices were removed, and as seen above, now the awning is back down. It's like an endearing game of cat and mouse.

2) And now, more serious matters: the liquor license for 1500, pending for months now, has hit a major snag, even though a peek inside reveals the place has been ready roll for several weeks (the Barleycorn, for those wondering, looks completely empty inside as far as we can tell). Not only did Hanson skip protocol in the typical neighborhood notices, but the license has been put on hold indefinitely, due to numerous protests and a "large and well-organized opposition." See, this is why 1500 (née Pompei) was put on Deathwatch before even opening. What goes around...
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