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Spotted: How to Get Patrons to Read Your Newsletter

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Adventures in Spam: all ... year ... long.

Cow Hollow: The above, um, gizmo was spotted by a tipster at Union Street's Left At Albuquerque, dubious home to a slightly-trashy happy hour and Tex-Mex cuisine, or as the website puts it "Anglo, Native American and Mexican cooking." Anyway, the pictured contraption is a computer-like stand right next to the hostess stand in the restaurant's entryway; in exchange for divulging your email address into the electronic machine, you get yourself a free appetizer (likely estimate of real email addresses that get submitted: 14%). It's really a win-win situation, until you start receiving annoying weekly spam about snazzy new gift cards and such. But hey, you got a taquito, so there's that.

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