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EaterWire: Ti Couz False Alarms, Celeb Chefs Unite

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THE MISSION—We've received several frenzied emails over the last several hours regarding a possible shuttering of Ti Couz. The impetus for the worries is a giant sign above the door on 16th Street, which is never short on passers by. However, Ti Couz insists the banner is not a farewell note. Rather, the creperie is celebrating its 16th anniversary this month, and is exactly what it says: a thank you to the community. [EaterWire]

SOMA—On July 30th at Acme Chophouse, Traci Des Jardins and Elizabeth Falkner will host the San Francisco edition of Epicurious's Third Annual Wine.Dine.Donate. This year's theme is farm-to-table; tickets are $125 and can be purchased here. [EaterWire]

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