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Death of Society: Park Chalet to Host Cougar Singles Party

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Dearest Park Chalet,

We like you. Always have. It's a nostalgic soft spot perhaps, but on nice days, it doesn't get much better than afternoon drinks outdoors in a wholesome environment right on the ocean: jazz band in full swing, decent BBQ and plenty of dogs/children/families enjoying the sunshine. Lately, we've worried that perhaps things—like service—have been slipping, but for some reason, other cheeks have been turned. Hell, even when you somehow quoted suspicious, nonsensical three hour waits during that heat wave a few weeks back, we just exited stage right with a perplexed look. But this ... this is just unacceptable:

Thursday, June 12, 7-9pm -- all ages

As seen on KRON4 TV News.
We're excited about the Bay Area's first-ever Single Cougars Party! Based on Cougar, by Valerie Gibson. Cougars are older women dating younger men. Guys, here's your chance to break the taboo of meeting and dating older women!

$10 at the door includes a Mixer Game, that makes it EASY to meet people; accompanied by complimentary appetizers for those who arrive on time, plus live music. Thursday, June 12, 2008, 7pm. Adults of all ages welcome. Dress to impress!

LOCATION: Park Chalet Garden Restaurant, "Where the Park Meets the Pacific," 1000 Great Highway (nearest cross-street is Fulton), San Francisco CA 94121. Downstairs from the Beach Chalet Restaurant, near the giant Windmill at the end of Golden Gate Park, one quarter mile south of the famous Cliff House. Enter through Golden Gate Park Visitors Center. Free parking.

Goodness. We can see this at plenty of venues around town—Jillian's perhaps; surely any Chestnut Street wine bar—but Park Chalet? Really?

Say it ain't so, Park Chalet; this might be it for us. Is there an explanation for this madness? After all, what will the children think?

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