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EaterWire: Borderlands Approved, Slow Food Breaks Ground Tomorrow and MORE!

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Small businesses can be so endearing.

THE MISSION—After posting a preemptive anti-chain letter on its storefront (remember, asserting that "McDonald's is NOT coming to Valencia!"), Borderlands Cafe was approved by The City. As you've no doubt surmised from the name, cafe comes from Alan Beatts, the same man behind Borderlands Books next door and will be a coffeehouse with a larger food offering than nearby Ritual. Building permits won't come for six weeks and then a build-out is needed, so the end of the year is the ETA. [EaterWire]

CIVIC CENTER—We mentioned it last week, but tomorrow morning, ground will be broken for the official Slow Food Nation Victory Garden in front of City Hall. It's the brainchild of Gavin Newsom and Alice Waters, and if AW gets her way, it will be the precursor to a similar garden in the White House. And for all you doubters, feel free to commence the countdown to see how quickly the plant bed will become an actual bed. We'll be watching. [EaterWire]

FIDI—The following promotion might be considered silly, but there's nothing silly about free chair massages (except the way you look during them): "harvest & rowe, the popular Financial District salad bar, will be treating customers to a free chair massage this Wednesday. No joke! Come in for a delicious soup, sandwich, or salad, and then indulge in a deep tissue neck massage for dessert, courtesy of Zubio Massage Therapists." [City Dish]