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Eater Inside: Kasa Indian Eatery

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Here we have Kasa, the "Indian taqueria" recently opened in the Castro. The space itself is a minimalist one, with metal chairs and stools, mostly ascetic decor and a sprinkling of vintage photos along one wall. Like at most Mission taquerias, diners order at a counter and then seat themselves, only here the food comes atop shiny metal dinner trays, presumably to match the furniture. Early reviews have been largely positive from the corner of 18th and Noe, with the kati rolls being a versatile option for the 'hood, though they're certainly still working out the opening kinks. All things considered—price point to quality to street food appeal—we're thinking Kasa has to be a welcome addition to the Castro, yes?

Further reading on Kasa can be had in the Eater Archives and at Zagat, Daily Candy and Chowhound.

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