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Borderline Creepy Obsessions

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2008_05_sentinelsmall.jpgWe're big fans of The Sentinel too, but clearly nothing compared to Meredith "WHAT provisions!" Brody, who takes to the blogs to pen the rave of all raves, with not one, not two, but three blurry, undercover photos of Dennis Leary at work: "We wish the obsessed, adorable, hands-on chef Dennis Leary could clone himself. The world would be a much better-eating (and cuter) place ... We showed up exactly a week into its life (open Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch), and ordered almost everything off its teensy 'provisional menu.' And WHAT provisions! ... But with a daily-changing menu, will we ever taste [the chicken] again? No matter; we'll follow where Leary leads." [SFW]

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