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The Curious Case of Acme Chophouse's Deleted Closure

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China Basin: When the early edition of yesterday's Chronicle food section was posted online yesterday afternoon, it included the following tidbit about Acme Chophouse in its disaster update lineup that also included Out the Door, Limon and Cossu: "More damage reports: Acme Chop House (24 Willie Mays Plaza) remains closed until Thursday for 'repairs.' Management decline to specify of what sort." Then, curiously, all mention of Acme's closure was deleted and stricken from the records soon thereafter—doubters can even check Google Cache for a first-hand look at the original. Hm, curious, no?

As for Acme, they are indeed shuttered, have been all week, and at this point, are hoping to reopen for lunch tomorrow. Our operatives couldn't get anything else out of Acme, aside from the same "repairs" line. We wonder if it might have anything to do with a fallout from last Thursday's fire next door in the Giants Dugout, because we doubt they would plan a renovation during a Giants homestand.

As always, anyone with the scoop on Acme is encouraged to share.

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