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The Joys of Luisa: The City Gets Serious With Vinoteca 2.0

The Mission: Last week, the latest project by Luisa Hanson, a second branch of La Vinoteca on Guerrero, came under fire from feisty neighbors who didn't appreciate the new awning for a variety of reasons, aesthetic and legal. Hanson kept the metal frame up nonetheless. Over the weekend, the City paid a visit to La Vinoteca 2.0 and plastered an official notice to the door. As of this morning, the illegal awning remains but the notice is gone. However, an inquiry to the Dept. of Building Inspections reveals that there are still at least five active violations at La Vinoteca. In other words, neither the City nor the neighbors are making this easy for Ms. Hanson, whose reputation/past just might be catching up with her.

The violation notice at 1007 Guerrero:

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