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The Shutter: PJ's Oysterbed Leaves a Rotting Gift Behind

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The Sunset: And the bloodshed continues. Sometimes, when restaurants close shop, they leave behind teary shutter signage. Other times, maybe some post-it notes. And then we have PJ's Oysterbed, which left behind rotting animal carcasses. Lord knows what else is back there—the stench is literally overpowering on the sidewalk—but in the raw bar display case (ice long gone), we have about six Dungeness crabs and a few dozen unshucked oysters quickly reaching science experiment status. Now, according to this Yelp thread, PJ's shuttered last Tuesday, which quite possibly means that the rotting seafood could be over a week old. As for PJ's, despite online rumors to the contrary, the answering machine insists the closure is temporary. Restaurant fluff? Perhaps; stay tuned.
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