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The Shutter: Red Room Officially Doneski?

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With already over a half dozen cases in the books, it's been a busy, bloody week of carnage for The Shutter, and it continues. Keep sending along your sightings.

2008_06_redroom.jpgNob Hill/Union Square: Speaking of beloved bars in the neighborhood, we're getting the feeling that the Red Room might be shuttered for good. From the Inbox:

...what's happening with the Red Room? Walked by yesterday and it looked like construction workers were gutting the place. All the furniture was packed into a truck on the street... That place has been my easy neighborhood go-to for almost a decade. I smell SF University of Art $$...
Spot inspections and some further investigation confirm that the Red Room has definitely been shuttered/gated for a few days now. Sources say the Red Room's lease was up and they're in the process of moving out. Apparently, the art students in the dorms upstairs aren't exactly the cocktail lounge type.

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