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EaterWire: Level Three Debuts, Watch the JBAs Online

UNION SQUARE—The formal grand opening party of the revamped JW Marriot isn't until mid-June, but as of tonight, Level Three is officially open. The restaurant/lounge, you'll recall, has remodeled the old Pacific space on the third floor. Three meal services a day, seven days a week. The cocktail program from the Elixir people is supposed to be a good one, the look (pictured, via JW Marriot) and the menu is described as "modern American." 500 Post Street, (415) 929-2087; website [EaterWire]

JAMES BEARD—Charles Phan, Nancy Oakes and Nate Appleman are just a few of the locals up for the big awards at Sunday night's James Beard Awards extravaganza (complete nominees here). If you can't wait for the coverage from all the blogs on Monday and/or don't have the coin for a flight to NYC, Devour TV will be streaming it live. Be certain to wave to The Bauer in the crowd. [Devour TV via Eater]