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EaterWire: Fabrice Roux Sighting, Moss Room Update

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PALO ALTO—Last seen in the Bay at Grand Cafe and then at Paris in Vegas, Fabrice Roux has resurfaced in Palo Alto. The husband of Absinthe's former pastry chef Murielle Roux, he'll be the executive chef at Joya, a new upscale restaurant/lounge opening on University Avenue. Opening date is set for July, and curiously for the French chef, the restaurant will be of the Spanish/Latin American ilk. More details and renderings (including the one pictured to the right) are available on the official site. [EaterWire]

GOLDEN GATE PARK—It's not entirely news per se, but we'll take every opportunity to gawk at the upcoming Academy of Sciences mega-project. The latest is that The Moss Room—also known as the Charles Phan/Loretta Keller restaurant and cafe going into the new museum—has applied for a liquor license. Did we mention there's a wall that is alive there? 110 days until go-time. [EaterWire]

NATIONWIDE—That tomato salmonella outbreak is turning out to be worse than originally anticipated, and now all types of chain restaurants are banning tomatoes: "McDonald's, Wal-Mart and other U.S. chains have halted sales of some raw tomatoes as federal health officials work to trace the source of a multistate salmonella food poisoning outbreak. Burger King, Outback Steakhouse and Taco Bell were among other restaurants voluntarily withdrawing tomatoes from their menus, following federal recommendations that consumers avoid red plum, red Roma or round red tomatoes unless they were grown in certain states and countries." Also: Wal-Mart sells tomatoes? [AP]