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Uh-Oh Alert: Yoshi's Begins to Give Away Tickets

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Newman, 12/27/07

The Fillmore: A few weeks ago, we wondered about the state of affairs at Yoshi's and its empty rooms. Reactions were mixed, with some trying to rationalize the tumbleweed, but now the latest development on Fillmore might be cause for even more worry. Yoshi's is now giving away tickets, as evidenced by the following email newsletter that made the rounds yesterday afternoon regarding tomorrow's show:


As a thank you for being on our email list, we would like to invite you to check out the Bay Area debut of the Romanian-American Jazz Suite featuring Sam Newsome & Lucian Ban

Oh dear. Is this the point we've reached, a mere seven months after a red carpet opening was sold out with Roy Haynes, Gavin Newsom, SF "jazz-loving" rich folks and $100+ seats? Is it a simple summertime courtesy to fans or a desperate measure in desperate times? You decide.
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