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EaterWire: Swan Oyster's Hiatus, The Patio Wants Tenants

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2008_07_swan.jpgPOLK GULCH—We've been meaning to mention this for a while now, but we should note that the iconic Swan Oyster Depot is in the midst of its annual Fourth of July vacation. The storefront is completely papered up, which suggests that they might be sprucing up the interior. The hiatus started last weekend and assuming the note on the door is to be believed, will come to a conclusion next Monday. Stay strong, SOD faithful. [EaterWire]

THE CASTRO—And now, an update from the decades-long show called The Patio Cafe: owner Les Natali is currently showing the space to prospective tenants. Says Natali in BAR: "We're looking for a restaurant operator with a Mel's Diner type of menu – reasonably-priced, satisfying food that everyone can enjoy and visit often. And it has an outdoor patio dining area." [BAR]

Swan Oyster Depot

1517 Polk Street, , CA 94109 (415) 673-1101