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Deathwatch: Yoshi's

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Oh, Yoshi's. Sweet little Yoshi's. From Marisa Churchill's exit to Saturday night tumbleweed to desperate promotions, the file has been steadily growing over on Fillmore, leaving the Committee no choice but to spill the red ink. Since opening in the fall, Sho Kamio—who has talent in the kitchen, make no mistake—has cut the exotic dishes but the prices remain much too steep to survive outside the FiDi. The space is a massive, overprocessed mess of 300+ seats, it's never close to full (let alone a quarter full), and simply put, fancypants sushi in San Francisco—particularly the Fillmore—is generally just not a good idea. We've heard that the restaurant has already lost upwards of two hundred thousand dollars (unconfirmed, obviously), staff has been cut or exiled to Oakland (confirmed), and spot inspections reveal that the restaurant is simply not drawing the type of dining crowds originally expected. Thus, something's gotta give, whether it be an overhaul to a private venue, evolution into a true nightlife spot with pole-dancing geishas, or some other reimagination (submit ideas!).

So, welcome to the Eater Deathwatch, Yoshi's. Yours is the second room on the right.
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