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EaterWire: Introducing Manzoni; Alice's Garden a Stunt?

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GLEN PARK—The plywood vet heretofore known as "the Glen Park Italian restaurant at 2790 Diamond" now has a name: Manzoni. An opening is still completely up in the air, but sources say owner Monhal Jweinat—also of Higher Grounds down the street—is hoping to debut within a month. [EaterWire]

CIVIC CENTER—Tomorrow is the big day down at the City Hall Victory Garden, as Alice Waters and Mayor Newsom will plant 40 organic, um, plants beginning at 9am. But some people are starting to think that the garden's (unpublicized) temporary nature is just a stunt: "And the Victory Garden concept is great, conjuring up the collective commitment to our national interests that inspired patriotic citzens to plant gardens during the two world wars .... Then I heard that they're going to rip out the garden in a couple months ... Just what this country needs, another hollow gesture toward environmental sustainability." [SFBG]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—The salmonella scare isn't dissuading Aqua from doing its tomato dinner: "San Francisco’s Aqua restaurant is introducing a seven-course meal — from appetizer to dessert — featuring tomatoes. 'We definitely did have second thoughts about it, but the more we talked with our farmers, the more we were reassured about the quality of their products,”'said Ron Boyd, chef de cuisine at the 16-year-old restaurant." [The Packer]

CALIFORNIA—Speaking of which, new legislation might allow the public to know if grocery stores carried tainted meat during recalls: "Under the new rule, which is expected to be published next week and take effect 30 days later, retailers' names will be posted on the Agriculture Department Web site during so-called "Class I" meat and poultry recalls - those deemed to pose a definite public health risk." [SJMN]