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Plywood Report: McTeague's, Perry's, Stable, More!

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Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular chronicle of the next generation of restaurants to grace our city. Spot something new? The tip line awaits. Bonus points and a goat courtesy of Willie Brown if you include photos. Goat subject to availability.

1) Polk Gulch: Let's start of this edition of the report at McTeague's Saloon, which has found a special place in our heart simply for its name. The spinoff of the Holy Grail right next door is a bit behind schedule (May-June was the initial aim), but from the above shots, it's just about ready to promote to post-plywood status. [PLYWOOD]

2) The Mission: This week's Scoop shed some light on Stable and Mission Creek Kitchen, the two projects going in on Folsom between 17th and 18th, so we thought we'd dispatch the Plywood Squad down yonder. Stable seems to have taken its name quite literally and looks almost complete (the Chron said end of the month), while a sign for the Mission Creek Kitchen is currently on a free-standing door leading to a yard, which is cute too. [PLYWOOD]

3) Embarcadero: A tipster sends in the above photo of Perry's on the Embarcadero, which you'll recall is moving into the Hotel Griffon: "The entire place is gutted from its days as Faz. It's papered up and closed off from the lobby, but it looks like it is not too close to being done." We're thinking that June reopening estimate was a bit overzealous. [PLYWOOD]

4) Union Square: We already took a gander at the mural adorning Gitane, and now there's new neon signage and heat lamps (!) up too. Opening has been pushed back a little more to late July/early August. [SIGNAGEWOOD]

5) Danville: Finally, a tipster sends along a special progress report from the Danville branch of Chow. It's still very much in the throes of construction, as you can see from its parking lot, which is one of the plusses of Danville. However, they are hiring, so Summer 2008 still looks like a possibility. More on the new location here. [PLYWOOD]


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