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Deathwatching: Avenue G Closed For "Concept Remodel"

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North Beach: Yesterday, a new patient was admitted into the Eater Hospice, and today an old patient exits, albeit horizontally: Avenue G, as we know it, has officially shuttered. After a four-day happy hour and other various stunts, the Ave G folks have finally decided to pull the plug on the current incarnation of the restaurant in favor of a "new exciting" one due in August. The Deathwatch Committee is fairly confident that this counts as a closure, so let's get to the paperwork:

Avenue G
Status: CLOSED
Time on the 'Watch: Approx. 37 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: We're hoping that whatever new concept the people behind Avenue G come up with, it's a good one, because the corner of Stockton and Union is prime North Beach real estate. The unsearchable, nebulous name should be the first to go, but the big problems at Avenue G started and ended with the menu, which crossed the line from eclectic to ridiculous (curry and cioppino should not be on a menu together) and was supremely overpriced to match ($85 prix fixe here vs. $65 at Danko?). The key to that Washington Square location—as Joey & Eddie's is proving—is to create something tourist-friendly and accessible. Foot traffic is not a problem, but standing out is. So like we said, we're looking forward to seeing the new concept with fresh eyes, but as for this incarnation of Avenue G: good night, sweet prince.
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