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DOH Report: Steps of Rome Might Have Health Issues

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North Beach: Even though the Steps of Rome remains one of the most popular destinations on Columbus, given the latest round of health inspections, we're starting to think that both the trattoria and adjacent cafe might have some notable issues with the Dept. of Health. Of course, with the current DOH system, the general public will probably never know about the issues; obviously, no health scores are posted in sight, anywhere. So let us remind you: back in November, the trattoria was shuttered by the DOH, a feat rare in itself in San Francisco. And now, the latest health inspection at the cafe rendered a score of 64, which if you're familiar with DOH scores, is the type of score normally reserved for the likes of Good Mong Kok and La Santaneca.

The violations from the Steps of Rome report:

023 (CFR) Food in poor condition/unsafe/adulterated: Moderate Risk
019 (CFR) Inadequate/Inaccessible handwashing facilities & supplies: Moderate Risk
061 (CFR) VERMIN - Rodents/Roaches/Flies: Low Risk
031 (CFR) Rodents/Roaches/Flies/Other Animals: Moderate Risk

035 (CFR) No Person in Charge to perform duties: Low Risk
039 (CFR) Improper Food Storage/Improper Container ID: Low Risk
047 (CFR) Inadequate Ventilation/Lighting: Low Risk
049 (CFR) Wiping Cloths not clean/inadequate sanitizer turbid/not properly stored: Low Risk
059 (CFR) Safety Hazards: Low Risk
014 (CFR) Rodents/Roaches/Flies/Other Animals: High Risk
Which begs the question: shouldn't there be a system in place where the broadcasting of such problems isn't limited to an obscure municipal website and the restaurant's own strategic placement (hiding) of the score in the entryway?
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