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EaterWire AM Edition: Janitzi Will Be a "Latino Bistro"

THE MISSION—A few weeks ago, someone tipped us off that the old Senses location at 1152 Valencia (between 22nd and 23rd) was finally taken by one Angel Oscar Martinez-Diaz, who will open Janitzi there. Well, work is well underway, and we have word that Janitzi will be a Latino bistro, showcasing all kinds of dishes from Mexico, Central America and the surrounding regions. The location itself has been a bit of a revolving door for some years now, but the changing face of lower Valencia—including Beretta down the street (overflow, anyone?)—should at least give Janitzi the opportunity to make good. Aesthetically, the dining room is a shell, but the kitchen looks to be mostly intact from the Senses era, so the early word on a debut is mid-August. [EaterWire]