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Plywood Special: Mercury Takes Sneaky Tiki Space

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The next generation of restaurants and bars gets a spotlight in the Plywood Report. Notice something new sprouting up on your block? Let us know.

SoMa: About a month and a half ago, Mercury Appetizer Bar folded in the no man's land of Lombard and Van Ness, promising a "new and approved" location. Well, it didn't take too long for chef/owner Dominic Ainza to find that coveted bigger location, as Mercury is moving into the old Sneaky Tiki space on the corner of Folsom and 12th Street (get ready for a whole new batch of "Mercury rising" puns). The new space is definitely much bigger than the Lombard closet, but we wouldn't exactly call it a bustling area either. We're hearing the name will be simply Mercury Lounge, so for everyone's sake, here's hoping the "appetizer bar" concept is doneski too.
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