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Curiosities: "Burger Bar" Files Fictitious Name on Valencia

The Mission: Whilst scanning the latest edition of the Business Times, the above listing stood out in the New Fictitious Names Registered section: Burger Bar, 581 Valencia Street. Huh. The location in question—right off 17th Street—is the former home of the shuttered Yum Yum House (see pic post-jump). Of course, the obvious question is if this is the long-awaited San Francisco location of Hubert Keller's Burger Bar empire or simply another non-related endeavor with the same name. The county clerk records aren't much help, so let's do some research:

581 Valencia, as is: not exactly Hubertian ... yet?

When Keller announced SF was on his list of Burger Bar destinations way back when, he noted he wanted it to be in "a high-traffic location like downtown, Union Square or South of Market." Certainly Valencia and 17th would qualify as "high-traffic" in some ways, but the Mission—not to mention the, ahem, modest space (at least as it stands)—doesn't exactly scream "Hubert's glamorous, high-profile burger joint with $60 burgers" quite yet. Thus the seeds of doubt. Plus, Keller has reiterated elsewhere that Union Square is his ideal location; then again, he opted for St. Louis for his Vegas follow-up, ahead of the likes of LA, NYC or SF. So, we suppose we'll just have to wait and see (see update below).

Either way, it looks like burgers are moving into Valencia.
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As always, anyone with more information is encouraged to drop a line to

UPDATE 2:30PM: According to Hubert Keller's people, they have nothing to do with this Valencia Burger Bar, and are going to investigate it further. As for Keller's real Burger Bar, a few possible locations are still being considered for the SF branch, but nothing is signed/officialized yet.

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