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Eater Mailbag: Wolfgang Puck's ... Comedy Club?

Questions? Complaints? Sightings? The Eater Inbox is always open for business.

2008_07_wolf.jpgFiDi: Apparently, nothing pricks up local ears—and cameras—quite like a change of ownership notice involving Wolfgang Puck, as more than a few people have sent in queries like the following:

I work at One Maritime Plaza and in the plaza above street level is The Punchline comedy club. I happened to notice this DABC application for ownership change to.....Wolfgang Puck. I've attached a photo of the application on the front door and a shot of the front where you can see where the application is. Wolfgang Puck running a standup comedy club? Hope you enjoy.
While the prospect of a something along the lines of Spago Laugh (sorry) would surely be must-see dining, but alas, the real explanation—as explained by Team Wolfgang—is not nearly as provocative, or funny. Here's what Puck's people had to say:

From the inbox:

The ownership of Punchline Comedy Club is not changing. What happening is a division of Wolfgang Puck Catering is doing non-branded concessions with Live Nation, the club operator, in a number of its clubs, Punchline being one of them.
In other words, the club's food is done by Puck's catering company (license application is here), and according to Punchline, no changes are anticipated. Sorry kids and Wolfie fans.