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Plywood Report: Tiramisu Group on Kearny, Plus George's BBQ, Booth and the SoMa Grand

Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair city. Spot something new on your block? The tip line awaits. Bonus points and a Vivanno if you include photos.

1) Financial District: Something's astir at 318 Kearny, the space that last housed Pasta Paradiso. The thoroughfare stretch of Kearny has a lot of upheaval in recent months, but this one might be especially notable because the names on the liquor license application are from the Tiramisu Group, aka the lords of Belden Alley: Pino Spinoso and Giuseppe Scoppetta. Interesting, yes? It's a small space in a location that's quiet at night, so we're wondering if it's going to be of the lunch/cafe ilk. [PLYWOOD]

2) The Mission: We mentioned George's BBQ a few weeks ago, and here's a photo to put a name with the face. There's no still no further information from the people behind it, so if anyone knows a Jimmy Panagiotopoulus, go ahead and ask. [PLYWOOD]

3) SoMa: We poked our head into the SoMa Grand-Charles Phan project earlier in the week, and even though the SoMa Grand people still say the due date is fall, the build-out still looks to be in the inchoate phase, much as it did when we took a peek at the space back in February. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

4) Polk Gulch: Speaking of openings for which you might not want hold your breath, a tipster sends along an updated shot of Booth, which is still in the process of moving into the Polk Street Station space. And it's still very far off, surprising given the early summer due date, which was not very accurate. [PLYWOOD]

5) SoMa: A tipster sends word of a second Pho Ha Tien: "I noticed this today, Pho Ha Tien II on Howard at Mary bet 5th and 6th (ghetto soma). Not sure when it will open." [PLYWOOD]

6) The Mission: Finally, following some wondering earlier in the week, a Missionite manages to share some shots of the interior of the old Yum Yum House/fake Burger Bar at 581 Valencia. Love the carpet and wood panels. [PRE-PLYWOOD]