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The Shutter: Toraya Closes After 30+ Years

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All restaurant and bar closings are documented in The Shutter. Notice a place that has recently closed its doors? Kindly send along your sightings.

Pacific Heights: Following over three decades of rather unremarkable sushi, Toraya has called it quits on Fillmore Street. Once upon a time, in a time called the '80s, the place was a trendy hotspot, but obviously times change. More importantly, its shuttering means some prime real estate is up for grabs in Pac Heights. The space is an odd one (see the various rooms above), and Fillmore rent is surely not cheap, but prospective restaurateurs should love the location, right across the street from SPQR. If something like Wine Jar can survive—thrive, even—on the SPQR spillover crowd alone, we have to think that the good-sized space and money location must have potential.