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EaterWire: Coffee Bar's Tomato Dinner, New Salmonella Scares, Bomb Threat at Chili's

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THE MISSIONCoffee Bar continues to grow up before our eyes, and the latest special dinner, courtesy of Brick's Alex Marsh, is a special tomato dinner. More information: the pricetag is $40, wine pairings are available, there are two seatings (8pm, 5pm), and the date is next Monday the 28th. Contact/resy info on the site. [EaterWire]

WESTERN ADDITION—Today it was announced that the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency will leave the Western Addition and The Fillmore after 40 years. How do the locals feel about the job done with the restaurants, you ask? From the Chron: "In recent years, there have been some successes, like Rasselas Ethiopian restaurant, the Sheba Piano Lounge and the 1300 Fillmore restaurant, but many residents say those do not make up for the past injustices. 'Yoshi's is wonderful, but not worth destroying a community,' [Rev. Arnold] Townsend said." Ouchers. [Curbed/Chron]

CONCORD—Who calls in a bomb threat on Chili's? And who calls in said bomb threat from his own cell phone? And who does all this before 8am? From Claycord: "On Saturday morning at about 7:46, Concord Police received a bomb threat from a man who said he was going to 'bomb the hell out of Chili's in the next 2 minutes' ... The caller went on to say that there was a large rental Public Storage vehicle in the parking lot which contained "Ammonium Nitrate" which was going to explode. Subscriber information from the cell phone that was used revealed the subscriber." [Claycord via Eye on Blogs]

SALMONELLAWORLD—And the new culprit in the salmonella saga is ... the jalapeno. Stay safe out there, kiddos. Probably want to avoid salsa at Chili's. [SFist]

[Photo: Jennifer Yin]

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