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Breaking: Jennifer Biesty Involved With Scala's Bistro

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UNION SQUARE—We asked, and you delivered. Earlier today, it came out that Jennifer Biesty was testing the waters as a consulting chef at an anonymous but well-known, "urbane Mediterranean bistro" somewhere downtown, and now we have word that the restaurant in question is most likely Scala's Bistro. It's no secret that Scala's has been sans an executive chef for a while now, it perfectly fits the bill description-wise, and Jen would be a PR person's absolute dream in reestablishing Scala's on the dining scene. The restaurant confirms, slightly coyly, that she is indeed "in the running for the executive chef position." We also have word that she's been by to check out the restaurant lately, and though the flirtation with the exec chef position doesn't exactly jibe perfectly with the consulting title seen in the ad, we suppose there are a number of possible explanations for that (i.e., maybe she opted for something temporary while still looking for that rumored own place of hers, etc.). Stay tuned, would you? [EaterWire]
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